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Over the years we have had the good fortune to breed and show a number of Boxers who, for one reason or another did not achieve Grand Champion status but nevertheless are ones of which we remain very proud. We invite you to view some who are extra special to us for their achievements as show dogs or as links in our continuing efforts to maintain the breed quality and standard of Sjecoin Boxers. Whether at shows or at home these Boxers gave enjoyment to fans and family.

Ch Sjecoin Dash O'Fire "Huntley"

Wh: 11-1-1980   d: 24-4-1990

Sire: Fireball of Winuwuk (IMP UK)
Dam: A & NZ Ch Sjecoin My T Sweet (DOM)

A classic brindle stallion and sire of 3 champions, "Huntley", a champion himself at 14 months, was twice a "Royal" cc winner at Adelaide and Sydney.

Ch Sjecoin Just A Dash "Cyril"

Wh: 6-10-1981   d: 1993

Sire: Ch Sjecoin Dash O' Fire
Dam: Ch Sjecoin P'sonality Plus (DOM)

Owned & shown by Christine Skepper, a good friend, "Cyril" represented much of his sire's dash and daring. A multi BIS all-breeds he was the Group puppy at Adelaide "Royal" under Robert Waters of Canada in 1982 and cc winner at Sydney'Royal' in 1986.

Ch Sjecoin Its A Pleasure "Vicky"

Wh: 6-10-1981   d: 1992

Sire: Ch Sjecoin Dash O' Fire
Dam: Ch Sjecoin P'sonality Plus (DOM)

Another Royal BOB winner, "Vicky" was the dam of 2 champions. Vicky lived with our friends, Linda and Doug Mathers.

Ch Sjecoin Jolly Swagman ET "Rupert"

Wh: 24-9-1992   d: 16-10-2002

Sire: Ch Sjecoin Winter Forcast (SOM)
Dam: Gr Ch Sjecoin Im A Knockout (DOM)

This brother of Gr Ch Sjecoin The All American, "Rupert" was owned by our great friend, Margaret Coker. At the 1994 Boxer National he was awarded CC and RUBIS by Mrs Alice Downey of the USA. Often competing against his illustrious brother he stood his ground and many times took the nod from the judge.

"Rupert" was the first ET titled Boxer in Australia and one of 6 ET Titles for the Sjecoin Boxers.


Ch Sjecoin Silk Ribbons "Silk"

Wh: 4-2-1985   d: 1995

Sire: Ch Sjecoin Winter Forcast (SOM)
Dam: Ch Sjecoin Fashion Parade (DOM)

Owned by Mr & Mrs Newberry of Queensland, she was the BOB winner at the Brisbane Royal 1988.

Ch Sjecoin Ringside Gossip "Delia"

Wh: 24-4-1994   d: 23-11-2004

Sire: US Ch Merrilanes Golden Gloves (SOM)
Dam: Ch Sjecoin Hot Gossip

Flying out of the blocks as a minor puppy with a BMPIS at her first outing, "Delia" was a multi Group winner and class in Show. Living out her life at Sjecoin she still lies with us in our garden cemetery for the honoured ones.

Ch Sjecoin Flirt In A Skirt "Annabelle"

Wh: 1-4-1995   d: 2007

Sire: US Ch Merrilanes Golden Gloves (SOM)
Dam: Ch Anisor Blind Date (IMP NZ)

Owned by Ms Vivienne Ashby and shown with great finesse by her, she took the RUBISS at the 1996 Boxer National giving the Sjecoin Boxers the trifecta - BIS, DogCC and RUBIS.

Ch Sjecoin Judge N Jury (AI) "Duggie"

Wh: 27-12-1996   d: 16-3-2007

Sire: US Ch Shieldmonts Lets Make A Deal (US)
Dam: Gr Ch Sjecoin I'm A Knockout (DOM)

"Duggie" was a serious competitor winning multiple Group and in-Show awards.

Ch Sjecoin Amazing Grace "Gracie"

Wh: 1997   d: 2005

Sire: Gr Ch Sjecoin One Mo Time
Dam: Ch Sjecoin Hot Gossip

Her success at the Adelaide Royal in 1999 with RUBOB and Bitch CC and later Group wins and in-show awards were satisfying achievements for this lovely constructed Boxer. Retired from showing with 644 CC points she became the dam of 2 champions one of which became a Grand champion.


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